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Mission of MMA Land


Wherever you are, wherever you go, wherever you find or search for a MMA location or shop: have a look at our submitted locations on mma-land.eu, share and add locations you can recommend, or try and rate even submitted locations. This also applies for MMA fight events in your region or other countries. Without any additional costs for you and your favoured location!

Furthermore, our mission is to present and establish MMA as a non-barbaric form of sport and usual leisure activity for people all over the world. There are still too many countries where MMA competitions are not shown for alleged moral reasons on television. Moreover, MMA sport is shown as a barbaric, brutal and violence glorifying activity by the press and many politicians.

So please support us in our mission, and have a look on our homepage and share our mission.
You can read more about us and our mission in our Terms of Use. Join and support us for legal and worldwide MMA. We are stronger together!

The MMA-Land.EU Team



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Reminder: FFC 26 Linz !!!

Dear MMA Land friends,

A part of our MMA Land Team is on the road. Our first station is Hamburg, we will join the UFC Fight Night on 3 rd September. The next station is FFC 26 in Linz, where Aleksader Ilic will complete his next professional fight! Below you will find the way to the event and to the tickets.






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UFC and KSW-Star Goran Reljic fights at Superior FC

The 15th edition of Superior FC presents a great event. The former UFC fighter and KSW champion Goran Reljic will fight on October 29th at the middleweight title. In Rüsselsheim, he will meet Amilcar Alves. This involves the Superior FC middleweight belt. It does not matter, UFC, KSW, Rizin or WFCA, the 32-year-old was everywhere in the world in action. Lately the Croatian legend, however, has suffered a defeat, so he is very motivated and he wants again to go to work inside the ring. In Superior FC 15 he will meet Amilcar Alves. An experienced Brazilians from team Nova Uniao, who was himself in the Octagon of the UFC. The 36-year-old athlete from Rio de Janeiro has to put up with a bad run and want to take the chance in Germany to return to winning. The BJJ specialist is feared for his anaconda choke. Two former UFC fighters in a direct duel that promises not only quality, but also a lot of technique, finesse and controlled violence. This great event is just a click away for you! 





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Carlos Condit thinks about finish his career

Carlos Condit is not doing well in the Octagon and he lost his last fight against Demian Maia at UFC on FOX 21. Not only that, Carlos fought recently very rarely, one or two fights a year, the last three duels he won only with Thiago Alves and lost with Robbie Lawler and last night with  Demian Maia. Condit intention this year was to winning the welterweight title against Robbie Lawler at UFC 195, but he lost the fight. Demian Maia is closer to fight for the belt, and Carlos Condit has to think about what to do next. At a press conference after the previous event, Condit did not have good news for his fans, he suggested that perhaps time is come to retire. Professional career Carlos Condit began in September 2002, nearly 14 years, which is a very long period of time for a MMA fighter. 40 of fights including 30 wins, is also a solid record.




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