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Furthermore, our mission is to present and establish MMA as a non-barbaric form of sport and usual leisure activity for people all over the world. There are still too many countries where MMA competitions are not shown for alleged moral reasons on television. Moreover, MMA sport is shown as a barbaric, brutal and violence glorifying activity by the press and many politicians.

So please support us in our mission, and have a look on our homepage and share our mission.
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Exclusive interview with Aleksandar “Joker” Ilic

As we promised yesterday, we had an exclusive interview with Aleksandar “Joker” Ilic about his private and sportive point of view. First of all, thanks a lot to you Aleksandar, for taking time for the questions of your and our fans. And also a big thanks to all those who sent us lots of questions to Aleksandar.
So, let’s go on:

1.    How did you come to MMA?

With 20 years, I stopped playing basketball. One of my friends invited me to his gym to try MMA workouts that are much more physically demanding than basketball ... I have not finished a career in basketball, so I wanted to stay in good shape if I continued my career ... But things went a different turn for me and now here I am...

2.    What fascinates you on MMA sports?

Fascination of MMA sport for me is that while every training you learn something new: new technique, new detail, new segments, that has a lot of fighting, a wide range of training ... Each is special, you do won’t be bored or monotonous at any time. Every time you exercise you force yourself to every training progress at least 1% of the previous day...

3.    Which component of the MMA sport is your favorite? Grappling, Boxing ...

As I did not come from the Martial Arts, I had not their "base". I began to learn and practice MMA from zero trying to become an all-round fighter. Every day is a new start in working to perfection which, unfortunately, we will never reach ... Generally I like to force my opponents in the match in one zone where they are the worst.

4.    Who is your biggest role model/example?

When I played basketball it was Michael Jordan, in MMA the most I like is George Saint Pierre because he acted appropriately and like a true gentleman, both in the arena and in front of cameras. Generally, the best athlete of the world with the best personality is our Novak Djokovic: he is our best ambassador of the country and the athletes of the world, a man who has shown that in life there are no borders, that everything can be achieved if you want it badly enough. He's a very charismatic, funny, cheerful person who is always smiling.  He is a best example for a great champion.

5.    What are you most afraid of?

Aggressive women and dogs over 50 kg :-) ;-) ;-)

6.    Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

I see myself in the best organization in the world, surrounded by the best sponsors and friends around me. I am a successful athlete on top. I would also like to become husband and father one day.

7.    What do you mean by honor?

The biggest honor are the people around. To see all people who support me happy, healthy, content and proud on me makes me happy and that’s the biggest honor I can get. My coaches  and sparing partners invest a lot of time work and effort in me, they waive a lot for helping me preparing the best, also my family who supports me all day all night. To have them around me and to see they happy is my biggest honor.

8.    What is your family for you?

Family is the most important thing for me in life, people who are with me 24 hours and who support me and also understand all my hard work ... They are a part of my team, and of my success!

9.    What is your biggest dream?

My biggest dream is to be the best fighter and athlete in the world with the good mind. And I want to have a lovely family and kids who are healthy and happy beside me and my beautiful wife... And we are surrounded with all good people, friends and all good things of life.

10.    How do you deal with failure?

I never like to lose, but I've learned through this sport that you do not need to win each round, you sometimes need to lose to learn a new lesson.... In any case, I'm not the type who gives up and who loses faith in yourself!

11.    What is your favorite food?

All food that is not healthy is my favorite food :)
I like candy's a lot and ice cream...

12.    What's beside MMA your hobby?

I have my own club and gym here in Belgrade "Alpha Male". I work as head instructor since 5 years...

13.    What do you like doing in your spare time?

I like to watch movies, to rest my body and charging my battery with people I love the most... My friends, family and my girlfriend...

14.    What MMA fighter you guessed the most?

GSP, because despite of his big carrier and all success he remained down to earth, respectable and acting always sportive, showing fair play and good behavior. He made an amazing success, had the best tactic and style for every fight and opponent. On sees that the breathe, sleep and live MMA.
15. What would you like to tell your fans?

First of all I want to thank them for their incredible support and messages that are sent to me every day via social networks, all I’d like to answer them when I can - when I can ... They give me positive energy and remind me that at the end of all this hard work and effort is worth and worth it...

Do you have some more questions to Aleksandar “Joker” Ilic? Please send us a short mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., and we will organize another interview as soon as possible!


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Andrey Seledtsov vs Rene Hoppe fight is set on M-1 Challenge 70

The event takes place in Russia on September 10th

Andrey Seledtsov (5-2) is a prospective Russian fighter from MMA Nordic team. He's a complete athlete with an Army Hand-To-Hand fight background. He is also a former Spetsnaz soldier. Rene Hoppe (5-0) is a Freestyle Wrestling veteran from Germany. He came in MMA extremely late – with  34 years, and for the 1 year he defeated 5 opponents one by one.  The fight will become a nice addition to M-1 Challenge 70 main card match-ups. Don't miss it on September 10th.


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UFC on FOX 21: Maia vs. Condit on Extreme Sports Channel

This weekend UFC event will be held in Canada, and specifically in the Rogers Arena in Vancouver. In the fight of the evening category Demian Maia and Carlos Condit will face in the welterweight. In addition, in the octagon will fight: Pettis vs. Oliveira vs. Lauzon Miller and women start Vanzant vs. Rawlings. Extreme Sports Channel invites you to broadcast the event on  28th August at 2:00. Maia is currently third in the standings UFC, his opponent is next to him. Maia has five consecutively won fights in follow, in his last fight he defeated Matt Brown (at UFC 198). Condit in his last fight (in January) suffered defeat to the champion Robbie Lawler. The upcoming meeting will be for the winning fighter an important point on their way to the championship belt. The participant of the next fight, which will take place this weekend is Anthony Pettis, a former champion lightweight category.  In the last three fights he was defeated in turn by dos Anjos (who took his belt), Alvarez and Barboza. His opponent for the upcoming event, Charles Oliveira, he cannot complain about his form recently. In 2014 he was defeated only by Max Holloway. After that, his next five fights he celebrated victories. Four of them finished ahead of time, with as many as three additional bonuses from the UFC.

UFC on FOX 21: Maia vs. Condit in the night from 27 to 28 August at 2:00.

Repeats: 28 and 29 August at 21:00.



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