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Wherever you are, wherever you go, wherever you find or search for a MMA location or shop: have a look at our submitted locations on mma-land.eu, share and add locations you can recommend, or try and rate even submitted locations. This also applies for MMA fight events in your region or other countries. Without any additional costs for you and your favoured location!

Furthermore, our mission is to present and establish MMA as a non-barbaric form of sport and usual leisure activity for people all over the world. There are still too many countries where MMA competitions are not shown for alleged moral reasons on television. Moreover, MMA sport is shown as a barbaric, brutal and violence glorifying activity by the press and many politicians.

So please support us in our mission, and have a look on our homepage and share our mission.
You can read more about us and our mission in our Terms of Use. Join and support us for legal and worldwide MMA. We are stronger together!

The MMA-Land.EU Team



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KSW 36 News: Kurczewski and Szulakowski meet inside cage

The long awaited duel of the two effectively fighting guys comes on cage KSW 36. Already on October 1 in Zielona Gora Bartholomew Kurczewski (9-6, 5 KOs, 1 Sub)and Gregory Szulakowski (6-1, 1 KO, 4 sub) will finally clarify their point of view .The fight had to be held  already in March this year, but a shoulder injury eliminated "Szuliego" at KSW 34. Since that time, both fighters continue in internet war of words and video materials. Szulakowski returns to the KSW after last year's victory by submission over Patrick Grudniewski at KSW 31. With two more fights at KSW 33 and KSW 34 he was eliminate by injuries. The 29-year-old prepares for battle in Warsaw, one of the best clubs in Poland Olsztyn Berkucie Arrachion.
It looks like a really very promising fight!


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M-1 Challenge 70: Kunchenko vs Grabovich is set on September 10, Syktyvkar

M-1 Challenge 70 is the nearest upcoming MMA event. It is set on Septermber 10 in Russia, in the city of Syktyvkar. The main fight of the evening is a welterweight title fight between reigning champion Alexey Kunchenko (13-0) and Maxim Grabovich (4-1). Initially it was planned to make a rematch between Kunchenko and former M-1 welterweight champ Murad Abdulaev, but unfortunately he couldn't recover from his injuries by that moment. Therefore the young and prospective Maxim Grabovich gets the chance of his career - to become the M-1 Challenge Welterweight champion. The other fighters that are expected to participate in the event are: Andrey Seledtsov, Maxim Divnich, Timur Nagibin, Artem Frolov, Artem Damkovsky and others.

It looks like a great event for all MMA fan over the world. Do not miss it!!!  

Source: http://m1global.tv/


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KSW News: Another cage “meeting” of the women at KSW 36 - Lubońska vs Belbita

Fans of martial arts fights will see two women during the upcoming KSW 36, October 1 in Zielona Gora. In addition to the Brazilian Adriane Lipski, which still awaits a rival;  in the Hall of CRS occur Catherine Lubońska (4-1, 2 Sub)  against the Romanian Diana Belbitą (6-2, 3 KO 2 Sub).

Contestant GLD saw Team will return to the circular cage after an unsuccessful debut at KSW 33. In Krakow, the 24 woman had to acknowledge the superiority of the said Lipski. Since then Lubońska fought a duel outside the Federation, without any problems winning with a Hungarian Cseh-Lantos at a gala 3F in Elk.
"Warrior Princess", the  Carpathian slightly exceeds the Pole his experience in MMA. Eight professional fights, Belbita won six times. In the last two appearances in the 2016, the Romanian effectively stopped their rivals.

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