Although the UFC heavyweight champion Daniel Cormier announced that he is already at the end of his career, which he intends to finish before the age of 40th, he still has plans to finish two more fights after UFC 226. In front of Daniel Cormier there is a big challenge, which will be a fight with heavyweight champion Stipe Miocic, which will face July 7 at the UFC 226 event. Cormier announced in January episode “The MMA Hour” that he intends to finish his career before 20 March 2019, because then he ends 40 years.

To this day, nothing has changed in this matter and "DC" is still going to end his career with the completion of 40, but before that happens, he wants to fight two more UFC 226 fights. In addition, Cormier pointed out the names of two fighters with whom he wants to face them; and these are Brock Lesnar and Jon Jones.

A duel with Brock Lesnar is a very good comparison for Cormier because he could face the former UFC heavyweight champion and it would be a fight generating a lot of money. In turn, the fight against Jon Jones is not only a duel for big money, but Cormier hopes to win with his biggest rival (with whom he lost twice).

Interestingly, if Jon Jones returns to the Octagon, he is unofficially linked with Brock Lesnar, because both fighters expressed their willingness to fight such a fight. Even UFC president Dana White seems to have nothing against this duel.

It is not known yet, how the duel of Daniel Cormier with Stipe Mioic will end and whether he will still fight in the event of a defeat. It is also difficult to tell in which order Cormier would face Lesnar and Jones, and one of the options is a duel with the winner of the clash Jones vs. Lesnar. The question is also whether Daniel Cormier will have enough time until March 20.