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Wherever you are, wherever you go, wherever you find or search for a MMA location or shop: have a look at our submitted locations on, share and add locations you can recommend, or try and rate even submitted locations. This also applies for MMA fight events in your region or other countries. Without any additional costs for you and your favoured location!

Furthermore, our mission is to present and establish MMA as a non-barbaric form of sport and usual leisure activity for people all over the world. There are still too many countries where MMA competitions are not shown for alleged moral reasons on television. Moreover, MMA sport is shown as a barbaric, brutal and violence glorifying activity by the press and many politicians.

So please support us in our mission, and have a look on our homepage and share our mission.
You can read more about us and our mission in our Terms of Use. Join and support us for legal and worldwide MMA. We are stronger together!

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